Welcome to Phantasy!Edit

Welcome to the land of Fantasy! Phantasy? Pvan-

Anyways, it's a wonderful land of magic, castles, and hard-working citizens! Oh, aside from a Demon King that attacks every 40 years. But it's no big deal! Heroes are always destined to appear and stop the evil beast! Once again, we find our peaceful land under assault by the forces of darkness and destruction. Thus, you and a group of (random?) people from the land of Truffle have been appointed with the Identity Adventurer! One of you will become the 7th Hero and overcome the Demon King once again!

Hopefully for good.

This "destroy the world" is getting old.

Let's seal him for good this time.

Stuff to Know before StartingEdit

  • You are going to quest to kill the Demon King with other Adventurers.
  • This universe has one major mechanic aside fro magic: Names.
  • Your Name is a Descriptor + Identity. Choose it! Imagine it like "Adjective + Class/Job."
  • Your Character starts with a Civilian Identity. Like Blacksmith or Shoplifter.
  • They will be automatically dual-classed into your Civilian Identity and the Adventurer Identity.
  • As the game progresses, your Adventurer Identity changes into a combat class of your choice.
  • Do subquests and stuff!

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